Interest Rate Compliance

Get Compliant trading commodities and interest rates on the hedging marketplace

Interest Rates Advisors & Brokers

How it works:


Capture Trades

using your current system of choice and processes, same as today

Send Trades

automatically to AEGIS Markets for compliant execution via the AEGIS API

SDR Reporting

and surveillance performed by AEGIS Markets per regulatory requirements


you're now executing swaps on a registered Swap Execution Facility

Key Features

API Integration to connect inbound and outbound from the Hedge Marketplace

API Integration

  • Inbound API for compliant execution on SEF
  • Outbound API automatically loads trades downstream
  • Enables secure, streamlined access to needed data
Interest Rate Compliance on the Hedging Marketplace

Robust Compliance

  • CFTC Approved Swap Execution Facility
  • Trade and market surveillance
  • Flexible swap data repository (SDR) reporting
  • Part 16, public, and other compliance reporting

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